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David Kimmerle Joins Ketopia Team!

David Kimmerle Joins Ketopia Team.

Welcome to the Village!

David Kimmerle joins Ketopia. David is a five-time Muscle and Fitness cover model, one of only two people to accomplish this. He has graced more than sixty magazine and book covers throughout his career as a fitness model. Some of his competition wins include the NPC first Place Irongames Men's Physique, NPC first place Sacramento Men's Physique, NPC first place and overall California and Men's Physique, and NPC first place Irongames Men's Physique. Kimmerle has also placed second at the WBFF World's First Fitness Model, placed fifth at WBFF World's Fitness Model LA Fitness Expo, and earned first place and overall at the Model & Fitness competition.  

David Kimmerle recognizes how proper nutrition can help bolster the body and the mind for peak performance. We are proud to bring a fitness athlete with such a high level of recognition as David Kimmerle to ForeverGreen as a sponsored athlete. He is a prime example of the importance of a healthy and ketogenic lifestyle in the sports world. His message is one of transformation and inspiration. David Kimmerle joins Ketopia so he can bring Ketopia and ForeverGreen to his world of fitness and we will expand our presence there as well as in other sports areas and with additional athletes.

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